Why Some Wealthy U.K. Residents Choose Lower-Cost Drug Programs

In general, the expression, “you get what you pay for” tends to be true. However, that does not always apply to U.K. drug treatment programs. Many families that are searching for help on behalf of addicted relatives find that facilities like ARC offer better options than more expensive programs. Clients who enter the reasonably priced facilities are treated with respect and offered programs that get to the root of their issues.

A Unique Model Has Proven Effective

There is no shortage of help for U.K. addicts, but most providers use a similar approach. Cheap government subsidized programs essentially act as damage control. Addicts are detoxed and may be sent to facilities for help. Most return to their lives with little hope of recovery. Models used for luxury rehab facilities cannot guarantee success rates on part with their costs. They focus on detox but often do not correct underlying issues that cause problem. They often fail to show addicts how to change their behavior so that they can change their lives.

Clients Learn to Reprogram Their Thinking

Affordable programs like the one offered by ARC are geared for long-term success. They design treatments around research that shows addiction actually changes the brain. Clients still go through a gentle detox program but they are treated with respect. They have the option to continue and participate in treatments that include cognitive behavioural therapy and transactional analysis. The traditional 12-step program is included. They also learn to identify and overcome destructive thinking patterns.

Programs Focus on Building New Lives

Successful treatment also revolves around hope. Clients have better long-term results when they can see positive futures. During treatments patients begin to focus on the lives they want to build rather than those they have already experienced. Instead of trying to fix themselves, they put their energy into becoming independent. In the process, many issues like anger are turned into tools that speed their progress.

U.K. rehab facilities range from nearly free to luxury accommodations. However, mid-priced, science-based programs are getting some of the best results. Clients are treated with respect and offered a range of treatment options that teach them to re-wire their brains and create the lives they want.

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