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All You Need to Know about Weed Control

It is worthwhile residing next to a lake because there are various activities you can undertake. You may, for instance, go to relax on the lake with your boat or you can fish in the morning. You will, however, need to maintain a focus on weed control if you own lakefront property. If you cannot manage the rate at which the aquatic weeds are growing, your lake or pond will be destructed. Therefore, weed control is vital to the health of your pond. You must keep a keen eye for some signals that symbolize the appropriate time to practice weed control. This article will address various signs you can use to know when your lake requires weed control.

Firstly, we begin by the obvious sign of excess weeds. Weeds result from nutrient overloading. These nutrients stimulate the development of weeds. These nutrients are regularly from agricultural fertilizers that leach in the lake. There is no need of using a machete to cut all the weeds although some of it must be cut back. Bulrushes and Cattails are regular types of weed, and when they are few, they offer habitat to aquatic life. In addition, certain algae if present on the lake is a sign that weed control is needed. An excellent illustration of such weeds that give out significant toxins is blue-algae.

The other sign that shows the ecosystem of your lake is already failing is extreme muck. Excessive much is proof that there is not enough dissolved oxygen. This is because aerobic bacteria that digest muck in the presence of dissolved oxygen is lacking and instead anaerobic bacteria is present. Anaerobic bacteria releases nutrients that nourish weeds and kill fish. In addition, keep a close eye to notice when the water is too muddy. When the water is too muddy, the photosynthesis cycle, which maintains the ecosystem of the lake in balance is disrupted.

A further sign of the need for weed control is if you observe continuous fish deaths on the lake. Among the various causes of fish deaths is excessive weeds. The other sign is if Quaga and Zebra mussels appear in the lake. They are known to have a devastating effect on freshwater lakes and are dangerous to human life. Woefully, there is not much that weed control can do to help solve this situation.

In the end, controlling weeds is not the best solution to all of the challenges discussed above. You can adequately resolve some of the weed issues by understanding well the weeds. There are many different products that you can use to control weeds namely dredgers, benthic barriers, herbicides, and weed razer.

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