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Some of the Best Stoner Movies You Should Watch

Since weed has been legalized in the country, many people will want to celebrate this occasion. Therefore, when on want to celebrate this, they would want to watch a stoner movie. It is not a must that you be weeded, for you to watch these films. More so, the plot of the film does not have to revolve around the weed at all. There are many things that a stoner movie should depict. It is also necessary that you chose a stoner film that depicts other themes as well, as the interesting premise, eccentric characters, and good humor. A convoluted plot is an option in this kind of movies. In this website, you will learn more about the greatest stoner movies of all times.

Dazed and Confused produced in 1993 is one of the best stoner movies ever produced. As the movie starts, the use of marijuana is depicted. This might be the best movie of all time. The cast in the movie is in a school backdrop, smoking weed with their friends. The movie contains every character, the slackers, burnouts, jocks and even the nerds. The movie also invests in music and this sets the mood perfectly. Even when the movie is set to have an overall vibe, the movie has a professional outlook. The cast of the movie are ever high, even though the use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited in the film.

The Friday of 1995 is the next stoner movie you should watch. To tell a hero’s story, the stoner movies use weed as a catalyst. The Friday depicts this perfectly well. The strength of the movie lies in the cast. The movie is laden with memorable characters. Comedy is not the only content of the movie, as anti-violence messages are also being illustrated.

The next hot stoner movie is the Easy Rider. The movie is named after a marijuana strain. During its release time, the movie was one of the best. It creates an idea that one needs not to be a flower child to smoke marijuana. In the mid-70s, was when the movie was released and this found when it was this time of the post-hippie. At this time, the new Hollywood era emerged. Featured in one of the movie scenes is the famous George Hanson. The movie shows that George Hanson tried to smoke marijuana for the first time. The action in which the character smokes weed has been believed to be true, from the reality of the actions.

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