Reasons to Make Your Business Smell Better

Most people would probably agree that there is nothing better than the scent of freshly baked bread or baked cookies. There are also nice smells like a new leather purse or shoes. Many business owners are capitalizing on the senses. There is a lot of information to support this marketing tactic. Here is some additional information to consider adding a little something to a marketing strategy involving the senses.

Increased Sales

Research shows that people stay as long as 40% longer in a business that has a nice smell. They are more willing to purchase something at this point in their shopping experience. There is something about scent having the ability to evoke an emotional response. When the aroma is used just right, customers are more likely to spend more time and linger at a business.

A company is able to connect with their customers on an emotional level. This makes the experience memorable which makes the brand more recognizable. It all comes down to making a great experience for customers, so they keep coming back and tell others.

Staff Productivity

Employees feel better about their work environment when it smells good. A nice scent can be energizing and elevate mood. This leads to greater productivity, impacting the bottom line. Employees will feel better about the company they work for and be proud to be part of the organization.

Those who are ready to make their business smell better can turn to Aromatech. Whether the area is scent free now or just simply lacking in a pleasant smell, they can help to enhance the perception of a brand and product. Shop by a particular scent or even a feeling. Decisions can be made based on the size of the space. There is a wide range of 100% pure essential oils as well as aroma oils.

Take some time to think about the message or feeling that you want to convey to customers. This is important before coming up with an aroma. Those who operate a health club will want their customers to feel energized and refreshed. Those selling clothing will want their customers to feel attractive. Whatever the situation, there is something for every business. To get more information, and Reasons to make your business smell better, visit

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